Attention sketch  chalk



Impressionist music, dance and landscape paintings over photos manipulated by art brushes and

textures in Corel Painter and


Why must a digitally recorded image always end up looking like a traditional photo?

Believe me - I do admire fine, well exposed photos with details and graduated tones and realistic colors. But I think the struggle for perfection at times kills creativity and innovation. Some fine photos leave you with  questions about the mood, temper and attitude of the photographer because he didn´t leave his thumb prints, coffee spots and doodles in his work.

Because photography is really about control:
from the moment of exposure through correction in Photoshop till the final color corrected display. Controlled anticipation and fulfillment all the way.

Let go of control! Let´s get dirty! Let the images happen, let the situation unfold, let the pixels stumble and see what happens. Cut, push, blur, skew, drag, spill and curse. The only thing you may loose, is your refined taste of art.

I have for some time been using various artistic programs like Corel Painter, PostworkShopDynamic Auto Painter and Studio Artist to paint my photos digitally.

This has taken my imagery down a path I didn`t  know or even thought possible. By working over my images with different  brushes and textures, I have opened up my own creativity.

Best of all: I am now able to surprise myself!

At the moment of exposure, I have no idea about the final result. The image "happens" on my screen as I play with different options and I feel this process makes the picture even more mine than would a fine photo right out of the camera.

I hope my images will inspire you to download free trials of these artistic apps and see if they work for you.

I´m born 1953. Make my living in Copenhagen by framing prints for Posterland.